Ferrero Tablets




Spider has worked closely with the Ferrero team in order to be able to convey, on the point of sale, the launch of the new chocolate tablets inspired by the iconic Ferrero Rocher’s praline.

The challenge: to determine a key visual capable of clearly communicating the product, with or without a copy support, aimed at global use.
The image was built with the Luzzitelli Danieli’ Studio and has been conceived to forward all of the new Ferrero Rocher Tablets’ gluttony and its creamy soul with hazelnut chips, distinctive trademarks/features of it.

The well defined communication format allows to cover more touch point at POS, with a whole and coordinated consumer experience and it has been used in the simultaneous market launch in Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Austria, France, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

The project has been employed also in the countries where the launch was joined by the Raffaello’s Tablets.

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