Bottega Verde

How to celebrate one of the most important times of the year, bringing together nature and tradition?


Dillo con Kinder & Love

How to dress up the exquisite Kinder chocolate hearts, using only one language to communicate with everyone?


Kinder CereAlé

How to realize a coherent brand stretching for the new Cerealè biscuit? spider has been involved in the project from the very beginning, starting with the first concept.


Nutella Biscuits

How to shape the identity of the first Nutella biscuits, with a brand stretching goal for the most beloved Hazelnut spread in the world?


Pausa con gli Snack?

Kinder Cereali and Kinder Bueno fan will find this promotion amazing as they will be able to carry with them all the time their favorite snacks.


McVitie’s Cheesecake

How to highlight the importance of the original digestive biscuit in the kitchen? Spider was involved in the creation of a recipe book that tells the historical link with the cheesecake recipe.



How to affirm the image of a brand that has been present for years in the organic food sector but not easily recognizable and memorized?


Kinder Bueno MiniMix

How to communicate the new casket packaging designed to share the assortment of Kinder Bueno Mini flavors, conveying the product indulgence and the three flavors: dark, classic and white?



How to define the identity of a new beverages’ line into a sector already rich in supply area like a soft drink?


Kinder Cards

How to create a visual identity of the new Kinder Cards product that can explain his thin form, creaminess and suitable for the children?


Chef Professional

How to transform a brand dedicated to the consumer world known and distributed already in GDO to a brand for HO.RE.CA, that is the world for professionals?



How to give a new appetite appeal to the Elena desserts’ image that is the historical brand of Northern Italy? Our method show a new freshness for an entire line of products with an old-fashioned image, destined to the GDO distribution.



How to re-age the Petreet’s dry pet food line, that has an old-fashioned image without a right appeal increasing the family feeling with other brand’s line and controlling the trade? How to bring the consumer through a strong image and a references communication?

Kinder Merendero

How to speak to a children target about 7-12 years, without losing the typical references towards mothers and communicate that Kinder Merendero is a product for all year, is not a product In & Out only for the summer?

Mc Vitie’s

How to reposition the Mc Vitie’s brand in the Italian market, moving away from the concept of TeaTime’s product that is a characterization of the British market, relocating it into the experience of the Italian breakfast?

Mama Carrot

How to explain the new carrot’s flavor liqueur by Aureli, a leader company in products based on carrot, through the creation of a particular brand identity and a pack design?



How to put together in the same image every liqueur and whisky label of Diageo’s Christmas, speaking about different products for every different gift?


How to explain the Self’s services about Do-it-yourself, in the past was represented by simple icons, now represented by a new visual identity?

Gran Soleil

How to emphasize the genuineness of the GranSoleil’s raw ingredients, approaching to a younger, fresher and informal target in a summer context?