Some challenges take us higher than others.


Mountains always inspire great adventures. Let’s take Loacker: a family-owned Company at 1000 mt, where the air and the water remain mostly unpolluted, a logistically inconvenient choice but perfect for the quality of their wafers and chocolate specialties. An historic brand with over 200 references topping the consumers’ rating charts worldwide and a very distinctive packaging, that in the last 30 years underwent only a few minor touch-ups.
For us here at Spider, a remarkably major task: rebranding, new packaging system design and communication format.
A project that lasted 3 years, a long hike that virtually took us to the top of Mt. Scillar and which Loacker daily admires from its windows.


A constantly
driven upward.

This is the task: to find the right balance between the “Loacker” brand vertical integration and the distinction among the various product’s lines. We developed our preliminary work jointly to an ongoing dialogue with the Company and it eventually enabled us to identify a number of targeted paths, founded on different strategic approaches and also inflected on representative sources.
The most efficient proposals have been tested with 5 iconic products and then verified by means of neuroscience, for instance measuring the attentionality of the consumers’ glance on the shelves, on the products and on the packaging zone. Afterwards, we came to a POS market test, until the achievement of a final choice, the one we see every day on the large-scale distribution racks.
Tests and analysis developed by Brainsigns and Dialogica.


The final view following the ascent.

The result is apparent: Mt. Scillar’s image is now incorporated within the new logo, in the shape of a blazon and it represents in a very unmatched way the brand identity, also synthesizing its fundamental values. The Heritage Shield is inspired by the historical Loacker emblem and expresses a specific label essence (family, origin and nature) also thanks to the unmistakable silhouette of the altotesine peak, which continues to characterize Loacker in a very distinct way.
A choice of direction that has clarified the path to take: one brand, many experiences.


Common DNA and
uniqueness of each
and every product

By employing the Heritage Shield we have highlighted the brand identity and recognizability in continuity to the past, we have also enhanced every product assortment and all references. We described every flavor and product family, underlining the recipes, the quality ingredients and the goods’ image, this to convey its natural simplicity and to redefine the brand’s and product’s architecture.

All images were realized featuring studio +Luce.


An explicit packaging system
in coordination with all ranges.

The Loacker’s packaging has been the fundamental touch point in order to directly communicate to consumers: a “media” reimagined in its entirety to express brand values and product characteristics. That’s why the Company chose to invest most of its resources into development and restyling. Two are the keywords that led to this result: less is more and clearance space, as a way of cleanse the packaging of all the elements that previously crowded it.

Thus, the product representation is no longer set, but realistic and straightforward, so as to reveal its most natural deliciousness. On each reference we passed on the historic claim “Che bontà” and, on the back, with a short institutional text, the QR Code redirects to the video and the storytelling regarding the Brand and the specific product. Redefining the elements hierarchy allowed us to reach a clear and adaptable system, making it “not only good but also nice to look at”.

A new packaging deferential
to its own past.

The change is made visible by the unified and appealing design, which improves of the 20% the Loacker’s brand visibility on the shelves, meanwhile ensuring a more straight forward and differentiate positioning for each of the product range and reference, so that the consumer is able to orientate quickly while shopping.
This is why Loacker, on one hand increases the highlight of the brand and the goodness perceived, and on the other hand it becomes perfectly recognizable by those who always loved it.


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