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Casavo is the first Company that has brought the real estate Instant Buying model to Italy: an innovative platform system: purchase of houses and resale on the market,  all done online. The Client requested a concept gadgets review to back up the bond with the costumer, consistent with their values: ​​innovation and originality, an integral part of the Casavo brand, whilst also expressing the affinity between its sales network and the needs of those who want to sell or buy.


Step 1: the mission.
The seed has been thrown.

To guide the several stages of the negotiation, starting by the assignment up to the sale itself, we have thought of a journey in steps, marked by three different gadgets tied to the home’s world. The first is a Casavo-branded wooden box holding a growing seedling: this idea embodies the venture’ strong root and the care in handling the connection with the Client.


Step 2: the scent of home

Halfway through the project, biscuits shaped as the Casavo logo were born. Being so close to the final stage, the prospect of the future house is at hand: the taste of this long-awaited moment is now tangible and "home sweet home" may be said, maybe while munching on some delicious Casavo biscuits.


Step 3: a toast to the new house.

We have reached the concluding phase. It's time to get the keys and celebrate with a worthy bottle: which  the buyer will find enclosed within a fine branded pack of the colors of the Casavo brand.


A Turnkey service, in every way.

We took care of everything: starting from the conceptual study of the gadgets, to their design and prototypes, we even guided the hunt for manufacturers up to the task. The quest for ideas was based on Casavo's objectives, which wanted to combine the importance of human touch with the hi-tech aspect of its business.


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