Ferrero Tablets
Travel Market Kit

The pleasure of surprising over every buyer’s desks.

The new exclusive chocolate tablets project inspired by the iconic Ferrero Rocher’s Pralina, is ready to take off at every airport. A precious kit set in motion to communicate the new dimension of extraordinary goodness and introduce the 3 unique packs dedicated exclusively to the travel market.

A new way of pleasure also when it comes to packaging

An elegant box stylistically in line with Ferrero Rocher’s codes has been issued and designed to hold different things: three unique packs dedicated to the Travel Market displayed on a golden tray, the brochure within illustrates their features and two customized gadget destined at the buyers.

An unexpected journey into elegance

The sophistication of the details is expressed in the aesthetics of the materials and thanks to the avail of the precious matte and glossy gold, but also through the graphic concept of the customized gadgets: the USB card shaped as a chocolate tablet and a soft laptop case adorned according to the new line flavors.

For an effective takeoff into travel market

The packaging has been created to gain a powerful visual impact but still having a well-conceived structure in order to be sent worldwide. From the design concept to the notification to recipients, the project has been curated by Spider into every facet constantly working up close with the Ferrero Team Travel Market.

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